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Being able to find out if a number is a VOIP number, and do a VOIP lookup is super useful, these days.

VOIP numbers are incredibly common. Making calls over the internet is easy. And, since internet connections have become so ubiquitous, calling with a VOIP number uses the existing infrastructure. No additional steps needed.

Not only that, but VOIP numbers are often used by scammers and spammers because they’re easy to spoof.

Easy spoofing means doing a free VOIP lookup on your own can be challenging, if not impossible.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find out who a VOIP number belongs to. It just takes a little effort and some useful tools.

Here’s what you need to know to check the phone number owner of a VOIP number.

Can You Trace a VOIP Number?

It’s impossible to be sure who a VOIP number belongs to using just caller ID.

VOIP numbers have two identifiers: caller ID and the CNAM. Caller ID is the number you see on your phone when a call comes in. Here’s the problem: the caller ID is very easy to fake. And, most malicious calls come from numbers with a fake caller ID.

However, it’s difficult to fake the CNAM. And the call recipient usually only sees the caller ID. So, many spoofers don’t even bother with trying to alter the CNAM.

There are databases of CNAM registries. And, these databases can be queried for information. But, accessing them takes effort and tech savvy.

VOIP Lookup: How to Find Out Who Owns a VOIP Number

There are a few ways to get CNAM and carrier information for a VOIP number. We’ll start with the easiest method.

Do a Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup tools are not always free. But, a reverse phone lookup tool is hands down the easiest and fastest way to find a phone number’s owner if it’s a VOIP number.

All you have to do is pop the number into the search box, and the reverse phone lookup tool will do the rest. You’ll get a name and address most of the time.

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If you want to know if the number is a VOIP number, you can do a search to identify the phone number type before you do a reverse phone lookup. But, this step isn’t an absolute necessity, because the reverse phone lookup works on any type of phone number.

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Using a reverse phone lookup tool usually costs less than a dollar per search. It’s the best option if you have a few phone numbers to reverse.

However, businesses and anyone with a huge list of phone numbers to check should use a batch append service. A batch append gets the same information as a reverse phone lookup, but you can lookup phone numbers in bulk. So, this method is much more efficient for businesses.

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If you’re dead set on getting a VOIP lookup for free, there are a few things you can do.

CNAM Lookup Through Your VOIP Provider

This method only works if you have your own VOIP number. Most VOIP providers won’t do a CNAM lookup if you don’t have an account with them.

Also, it can be tricky for them to find the phone number’s owner with just the caller ID, since the caller ID can be easily spoofed. So, if possible, you should give your provider the IP address or CNAM for the number you want to trace.

If you suspect that the caller ID has been faked, you can use a CNAM lookup tool to get the CNAM data for a phone number. Or, you can do your own CNAM query, if you have a bit of coding skill.

However you get it, this information makes it easier for your provider to find out who owns the phone number. One last thing: your provider may require justification for doing a trace. So, you may only be able to use this method if you’ve received scam calls from the number you’re tracing.

Set Up a Softphone to Display CNAM and IP Address

If you use a phone app for making and receiving VOIP calls, you can install a packet analyzer to collect data about incoming calls. Enable the SIP filter on the packet analyzer. Then, you can see the IP address and CNAM information in the “FROM” field of the initiation packet.

The only trouble with this method is that it’s basically just advanced caller ID. You must set it up before you receive a call from a number you want to trace. So, it’s not useful for numbers that you’ve got scrawled on a piece of paper on your desk. You’ll need to use a reverse phone lookup or do a trace through a VOIP provider for those numbers.

If you’re using a standard phone, you can still use a packet analyzer. You just have to use the packet analyzer on your local router or ITSP server. But, this can be tricky because you may not have access to the router or server.

IP Address Lookup

If you get the IP address for a VOIP number, you can use that to find out who owns the phone number using an IP address lookup. An IP address lookup doesn’t give you as much information as a reverse phone lookup.

However, it will tell you where the IP address is located, the internet service provider, and the domain name. With some detective work, you can use that information to find out who owns the VOIP phone number.

This is a lot of work, though. This method is best used as a last resort.

Still Need to Verify a Phone Number?

If you’ve tried doing a VOIP lookup on your own, and found little success, it’s time to turn things over to a professional.

Just type the number into the Searchbug reverse phone lookup tool or upload a whole list with our batch append service. It’s the fastest, easiest way to find out who owns a VOIP number.

VOIP Lookup: How to Find Out Who Owns a VOIP Phone Number | Searchbug Blog (2024)


How to see who owns a VoIP number? ›

Reverse phone lookup, contacting the VoIP service provider, utilizing packet analyzers, performing IP address lookups, conducting CNAM lookups, accessing call logs, using automated services like *69, and seeking assistance from law enforcement can all contribute to identifying the owner of a VOIP number.

How do I trace the origin of a VoIP call? ›

How do you Trace a VoIP Call? – Best Ways
  1. Contact the VoIP Provider: By outlining the harassment issues, the provider may take action, such as identifying and banning the account for abuse. ...
  2. Involve Law Enforcement: ...
  3. Check Online Directories: ...
  4. Use Call Tracing Tools: ...
  5. Domain Analysis:
May 6, 2024

Can a VoIP number be traced? ›

The only way VoIP communications can be traced and captured is by law enforcement. Law enforcement required constitutional elements like warrants to trace phone calls. This type of tracking can only be done by a legally authorized interception system located at an ISP.

Who is the owner of the number? ›

You can find the owner of the phone number by searching Google, Reverse Phone Lookup, different websites, and social media sites. Tools and websites like Truecaller, SpyDialer, Whitepages, Spokeo, Intellius, and Social Catfish can also help locate the owner of phone numbers.

Can you call back a VoIP number? ›

Can you call back a VoIP number? Yes. You can call back any VoIP number, whether it's fixed or non-fixed.

How do I find the owner of a Google Voice number? ›

Are Google Voice Numbers Traceable? Your Google Voice number isn't publicly listed. As the number is linked to an online account and not any landline number, the number doesn't automatically appear in any phone books or online websites that list phone numbers.

Can you spoof a VoIP number? ›

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a service that is also used to spoof calls. There are various VoIP providers that scammers and cybercriminals use to spoof their calls. When VoIP spoofing is used, callers are able to modify the name and number that appears on the receiver's end.

Is VoIP a real number? ›

It's a virtual phone number that is very much a real telephone number assigned to a user. VoIP numbers differ from regular phone numbers in that they aren't connected to a specific, physical phone line.

Can you trace a virtual phone number? ›

If you receive a call from an unknown virtual number, you can trace its owner by using tools available online. Try reverse phone number lookup sites, which can either be free or paid. You can also set up your device to display CNAM (caller ID name) and IP address, since caller ID alone is easy to fake.

Can you hide a VoIP number? ›

If you do not want your telephone number displayed on an internal or external call, you can dial *141 before making an outgoing call. Alternatively you can change the settings in your account to 'Hide Caller ID'. To find out how, please see our user guide. If you wish to check your call ID state, dial 908.

Does VoIP show caller ID? ›

A VoIP service can usually pass any phone number of your choosing to the person you're calling. However, this number will still get cross-referenced with the caller's CNAM service, so the CNAM name associated with that number will be displayed.

Can a VoIP number be tapped? ›

Like all other phone systems VoIP phones can be hacked or tapped. As they run over the internet cybercriminals can exploit them to harm your business. However, different measures can be taken for making secure VoIP calls.

How can I see who owns a number? ›

There are many websites and apps that offer reverse phone lookup services, which can help you identify the owner of a phone number, as well as their address, email address, and social media profiles. Some popular reverse phone lookup services include: Whitepages, AnyWho, Zaba4, Truecaller, BeenVerified.

How to check number owner details? ›

Checking Through the Truecaller App

Launch the app and sign up with your phone number. Give the program the required permissions. In the search field, enter mobile number of the owner, whose name you wish to identify. The owner's name will be displayed if the number is registered with Truecaller.

Is there a 100% free phone lookup? ›

NumLookup is the best reverse lookup service available for Cell Phones, VOIP & Landlines. It is 100% free.

How to trace a virtual phone number? ›

Through the IP address of the device being used to access the virtual phone number, law enforcement can obtain a warrant to track the device's IP address used to access the virtual phone number. Once the IP address has been obtained, law enforcement can use various methods to track the device's location.

Is a VoIP number a real number? ›

A VoIP number is a real telephone number operating on an internet connection. Voice over IP phone numbers are assigned to a user and not to a physical location. This means you can use your VoIP number anywhere via a VoIP phone app that works on any mobile device or desktop computer.

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