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The National WWII Museum tells the story of World War II from the perspective of America and her Allies. It is located in New Orleans, Louisiana because the Higgins boats were invented and manufactured here. The museum includes extensive exhibits on both the European and Pacific theaters of the war, as well as a special section on D-Day.

One of the most incredible museums that I have experienced and I've been to most in DC, NYC and Philly. This one is much more interactive and tells amazing stories.The staff were kind and extremely helpful. The layout made the museum the most accessible ♿ from any that I experienced. The cost of the tickets were fair and you'll spend enough time to make it worth it.We enjoyed all of the exhibits but especially enjoyed the planes and old vehicles. Our son who is <2 years old was engaged most of the time which made it easy to manage him while enjoying.I highly recommend this to anyone even if you are not a history expert!

Robert R — Google review

What an incredible experience. Always wanted to go but a friend who just went highly recommended it. We went as a family of four and got to meet an actual world or to Gunner. Being able to talk to him and listen to the stories was worth the visit by itself. One of the most interactive museums I've ever been to including the 4D theater. I highly recommend that if you are on the fence and interested in the history you must go! Be prepared to spend a minimal of 2 to 3 hours to experience everything at the museum.

JJ T — Google review

Well done museum. There are a lot of great exhibits. The Boeing room was a definite highlight. They have several WWII era military planes hanging in the room with observation walkways at a couple levels, including above the planes, to allow you to see the planes from different perspectives. It was really cool. The museum is housed in multiple buildings. If you want to see everything, you will need to plan on being there for an entire day, or two.

Curtis O — Google review

Really, really great museum!!! The price of admission is steep, but it is definitely worth it!!! If you are a history buff and want to see everything, then plan on the two days. Also, the 4D theater is definitely worth the $7. I am excited to finish my tour and hopefully come back some day!!! Wonderful museum!!!

Andrew G — Google review

Oh my goodness!! This was the best museum I have experienced in a while, and I mean EXPERIENCED! This is definitely a day to remember, block out the entire day and experience this exhibit. You will thank me later! I will be back because I didn't block a chunk. They do offer a come back to finish ticket for $12 within 7 days of your original ticket. I had to do that but I still don't think I saw everything. This place is massive and chock full of memorabilia and information. I can not stress enough TAKE YOUR TIME and enjoy!

Tabatha ( — Google review

I don't know where to even start!! This museum exceeds all expectations!! If you have a veteran in your family or are one yourself it is a must see place!! Every aspect is well done! Follow a story of a soldier. Start by boarding a train... the Pacific theater was amazing, the airplanes on display are amazing, D-day was amazing... the list is endless! You will easily spend 3 hours here so be prepared!!

Evan H — Google review

I had a wonderful time and I cannot wait to go back. The museum was clean and very well thought being able to go around and actually understand what the war was all about. They also separated what happened in the Pacific and in Europe, which was very surprising to me with the way they did it. It was a very special place and my children really enjoyed themselves. If you are in New Orleans, this is a great museum to go to.

JayL — Google review

Such a cool museum. I’ve been fortunate enough to have gone to France/Belgium/Germany twice in the last 6 months to see some of these cities/places (and museums) up close so my opinion, maybe a little skewed - but do think they did a great job trying to immerse you in the history assuming you won’t be heading over to Europe anytime soon. There are several buildings and lots of stairs, but there are elevators. The layout is quite confusing, but they have volunteers everywhere; they were great at providing you directions if needed. They have some exhibits you can touch/interact with. Remember - this museum provides a very broad overview of WW2 so it can only touches on each area/battle briefly. It does use lots of photos with descriptions and incorporates videos from actual veterans as well. There were several different places to eat with a museum parking lot close although I walked my hotel. Very clean. A few different gift shops on site. Actual pieces of the seawall from one of the Normandy beaches. If you can, buy your tickets online ahead of time and you can save yourself a little extra time/from standing in line. I would recommend both the WW2 (and WW1 museum in Kansas City!) to anyone who loves military history or wants to learn more about some of the greatest Americans who fought for our country. You can see better pictures on their website, it is hard to get a good picture with all the glass and dim lights.

Stefanie — Google review

A great experience for family and friends. Various information boards with displays about different aspects of World War 2. They have two floors of various displays and information to help you truly understand World War 2 from the beginning to the end. There is also a 4D theater that speaks about World War 2 and makes you feel the impulse of being there. I highly suggest that you visit and enjoy it. This is great for family and friends. A genuine experience for anyone of all ages. ENJOY!

Get M — Google review

Amazing museum. Make sure you give yourself tons of time to take it all in. I spent about 4.5 hours and easily could have spent a couple more (if not the entire day). Really enjoyed the movie clips integrated into the exhibits and the atmosphere the museum creates moving from room to room. Museum staff take your picture as you enter, this is for photos that you can choose to purchase later with different backgrounds (like planes, ambulances, Rosie the riveter and the museum itself). If this might be a souvenir you'd like to purchase, thinking about a dynamic pose for the shot they take will likely look better than the type of photo you'd take for getting an ID. Also, I counted 3 gift shops including an entirely stand alone shop next to the museum so if you are looking for the perfect momento, make sure you take time to look through all 3. The museum is absolutely worth as much time as you can give it.

Mary L — Google review

If you only do one thing in New Orleans, visit the WW2 museum. It is FANTASTIC. The exhibits are thoughtful, and the layout of the museum is easy to navigate and follows good narratives. Highly recommend grabbing a "Dog Tag" and watching the oral histories.Also, it's a huge museum, and if you want to see everything in-depth, you'll need about 6 hours, but it's well worth it. I already know I'm going to come back someday, and hopefully soon.

Nia S — Google review

I walk by and saw the building, return the next day with enough time to spare, arrived 11am. Make sure you have about 4 hrs to visit and before it closes. I learn a lot about the minorities that serve in the Army during WWII, Their collection of items is rich and valuable. The navigation can be complicated within the building but the museum volunteers are eager to help. Cost is affordable. Never forget history, cause it may return. Highly recommended.

Marilu C — Google review

Very thorough. Lots to read and view. Biggest critique is that it doesn't flow naturally. Hard to tell when to go from one exhibit to the next in sequence. And was hard to tell when the exhibit ended and where the exit was. Other than that, this is a top-notch museum with excellent exhibits. Lots to do. Could easily spend 5 hours here but a minimum of 2 is suggested.

Kenneth B — Google review

Amazing day long visit; so many things to see in a number of buildings. Video presentations help bring to life those that were rescued as well as those that fought and were there to liberate those in concentration camps. Great place and I definitely will go back.

LJ G — Google review

The National WWII museum is very good and loaded with a lot of information and a lot of collections of artifacts from World war II.Please take tickets in advance. It eases your entry procedure. The train ride is so cool. Don't try to understand it, just feel it. Take a map of the museum. Halls 2 and 3 are the heart of the museum. They consume most of your time. 4 to 7 are skim through.The timings mentioned on the Google Maps are correct. It took us 3 hours to get a good tour. If you are really interested in learning more about WWII, please dedicate one complete day for this museum tour.I didn't go to the theatres, cz we didn't have time to cover them. But at a $11 additional cost, you can get two shows.Parking is really economical on Magazine Street for this museum.

Sathwik R — Google review

One of the best museums visited so far. Need 2 days if you don’t have much background. We spent just over 3 hours and able to focus on special stories, information or artifacts that caught our eye. Overall, great design, presentation and uses of different media that made it super interesting and engaging. Highly recommend!

N F — Google review

The National WWII Museum is an incredible and immersive experience from start to finish. The museum has curated an amazing collection of artifacts and interpretive materials, then presented them in a coherent format suitable for nearly any visitors.We especially loved the Boeing Gallery with full size aircraft and vehicles on display. So glad to have finally gotten to visit this wonderful facility.

Jack S — Google review

Amazing and important place. The greatest generation and the greatest war are well represented here. So much to see that spending 6 to 8 hours is reasonable, so if able, make multiple trips. Recommend getting the dog tag of a true life participant so you can follow their journey. Clever info stations are available throughout. This place gives a fitting tribute to all of the people who helped and sacrificed, each in their own ways. Plenty of artifacts and Building 5 has a great collection of aircraft. Highest recommendation.

Brian M — Google review

This museum is a must-do, and make sure to plan a large chunk (if not the whole day) of your time! Every time I visit this museum it has grown, and the exhibits are beautiful, immersive, interactive and humbling. We ate at the restaurant, which was great (the sweet tea was perfection). They also have a soda shop which is super cute, and wonderful gift shops. Definitely visit and take your time! I don't want to *spoil* much with my photos, but I'll add a couple and an obligatory food shot from lunch!

Brianna T — Google review

Favorite WWII museum yet! I thoroughly enjoyed reading everything I could and the experiences are so immersive it’s very captivating. The dog tag part was confusing for us and they didn’t work the way we thought they were supposed to so we kind of just forgot about them. The staff were all incredibly helpful and involved. At one point I lost my tag and we had to double back to get a new one but they were quick to help! I’d absolutely return to continue reading. The catwalk to view the planes and the D-Day exhibit was a huge favorite!

Xaerie N — Google review

I can't believe how much there is to do here. You will easily spend the majority of your day here. Plan for several hours. There are 4 major buildings to go through, and each will take well over an hour to see. You probably could spend multiple days here if you are interested in the history. Very interactive and one of the highest quality museums I've been to.

Nicholas R — Google review

I had no interest in coming here as history is my least favorite subject, but I was tagging along with my friend.I think the price is reasonable for how much you're getting.There was still plenty of interesting stuff to see and it was set up in a way that the information was easily attainable in many forms.There were a number of exhibits, but the entire museum is very well done. Lots to learn and be interested in, even for those who don't want to take the deep dive.

Cassidy D — Google review

Don't miss out on this! It is an incredible experience. We were amazed. I hope to come back again someday. We came on a Saturday morning. We didn't buy advance tickets but got right in. Only a few people ahead of us in the ticket line. Pace yourself so you have enough time for all the buildings. We spent too much time in building 1 and then had to rush thru other areas that I wish I had more time for. The movie was definitely worth the extra expense but does take an hour so plan for that.

Kelly S — Google review

This is definitely my personal favorite museum (I've never been to la Louvre though). You can spend all day here and still not be able to see/read everything. I've been twice, and I'll definitely be going again!

Cooper D — Google review

One of the best museums I have visited, one of the main reasons I visited New Orleans, and well worth the price of admission.It is huge, so either be prepared to spend the whole day there or have to come back the next day (they offer discounted tickets if you want to visit a second day, which I haven’t seen at many museums).I did not have the chance to try their food but it looked good and the prices were reasonable for a museum, and they had multiple spots to eat on their campus.A true must see for history lovers, or well everyone.

Jacob F — Google review

Amazing and detailed experience covering all aspects of World War II. I spent 4 hours going through all the content here and it could easily take much more time if you really want to read and see it all. There are lots of unique exhibits, displays, individual stories, movies, and media to cover the history. I paid $35 for a standard ticket and walked to the museum from the French Quarter.

Devin H — Google review

What an experience! The WWII Museum is an incredibly huge six building campus with so much to see, you could easily spend the entire day here if you're a huge history buff. Honestly, you could spend multiple days here if you really took in everything! There are so many static exhibits, as well as interactive experiences.We went with the plan to only spend two hours at the museum and we had to skip so many exhibits and experiences. I highly recommend sitting in the small booths throughout the complex which allow you to listen to people's first hand accounts of their experiences. Hearing these soldier's speak about Omaha Beach was especially incredible!Pro Tip: If you don't plan on paying for any of the interactive exhibits, there's still one you can do for free on the bottom floor of the Boeing Aircraft exhibit. It's an interactive submarine simulator which tells the incredible story of the SS Tang which sunk 33 enemy ships in only five missions. Totally worth checking out!

Mr3dPHD — Google review

I never actually went inside the museum but I'm told it's one of the best in the world. If outside is anything to go by, I'm sure it's true!The statues outside are fantastic. The detail is incredible. The bricks in the pavement are special with peoples names on. I'd love to go inside one day.

Kay S — Google review

The best museum experience ever! Plan on two full days. This place is so well done. Highly recommended attending both movies. The focus is on the people who fought the battles and lived through the horrors. The short video detailing the discovery of and liberation from the concentration camps was so good I watched it twice over my two days.

Kevin L — Google review

- [ ] This is one of the largest museums I’ve visited that were focused on one main purpose. The museum is so large that you can probably spend an entire day going through it and really diving into the history and artifacts. My husband is very into military history and this was definitely one for the books. I can say that as Veterans ourselves, this museum truly honors all of the people whom served in WWII and help in telling their stories and teaching younger generations the true history behind all of it. The displays and layout are so incredible! They really take you back into the past and help you visualize what everyone involved went through and experienced.

Laura S — Google review

The biggest museum I've ever visited. Lots of work put in the settings. Very informative and lots to see. Graphic footage takes one back to the war era. Great information and extraordinary features. Highly recommended. One does not appreciate all the work that was gathered over years to put this huge exhibition together. Thank you to the people who dedicate their time to keep our history alive.

Avril M — Google review

Extremely amazing museum. Very clean with plenty of volunteers to answer questions or show you where to go. There is a mix of short clip movies and photos along with real paperwork in areas to show how they were during the war. There is a gift shop and a small pub style restaurant. A lot of walking so wear your good shoes. Restrooms in each area and floors. If you’re unable to walk, they offer free wheelchairs. Very informative. A must see.

Christina H — Google review

This museum is fantastic. Honestly it is huge. If you are a WWII buff like me, it will take you a day and a half to 2 days to go through it thoroughly, reading everything and watching most of the video testimonials. It is great for an overview. Certain battles like D-Day and the Guadalcanal campaign are covered in greater detail. I wish that they had more vehicles and planes but overall still pretty good.

JJ B — Google review

Super incredible experience. It was well done, lots of interesting facts about details I have never thought of. You could get a card (looks like a gift card) about a soldier and follow his journey throughout the entire building. Something everyone should do if possible. I highly recommend it. My 11 year old was very interested the whole time.

Tami S — Google review

The National WWII Museum has done a great job creating their exhibits. Each one transports you to a specific place and time. They did a great job capturing the essence of time through the use of furniture, art, music, effects, videos and displays. It truly is a remarkable setup. At times it felt like we were entering a different world. The dog tag experience was appreciated because it allowed us to follow a veteran's war experience as we moved from exhibit to exhibit. We followed a Native American soldier and an African American soldier. It gave a life significance. It is a large museum with multiple buildings but with accessible pathways. My wife and I navigated all areas without a problem. We missed the 4D experience and were refunded for it, but do try it as it was directed by Tom Hanks. It's only $11 with admission. The museum volunteers and employees were super helpful. They are essential to making your navigation of the museum successful. The best part of our experience was the private 2-hour curator tour. It is offered once a month to a limited group of 10 people. It is $250 pp but it is worth the price, especially because you get close and personal with the collection. We bought all our tickets in advance. The curator's knowledge is extensive. He's mindful of his audience in adapting the tour. Chase is an exceptional curator. He balanced technical facts about the private collections with sociopolitical and psychological information to help his audience make sense of the culture, climate, pressures and requirements of the time. His view was multifaceted and not ethnocentric to the American experience. We appreciated this museum's effort to shed light on all issues.

Giorgio S — Google review

This is a very big WWII museum that has two buildings each with three floors. Many different exhibits in chronological order that depict the war in many details. Lots of documentaries shown in the exhibits along with other displays. Very intriguing to spend at least half a day or an entire day to even glance through.We have heard that the Beyond Boundaries show is great but we didn't pay a visit. One thing is that kids need to be old enough to fully understand the concepts of war, weapons, and heavy topics like death. Educative experience overall!

Dongjing H — Google review

What an amazing place! You'll need multiple days if you want even a remote chance of seeing even most of it. I could have easily spent 5 days here.If you're a WWII aficionado, this is a must visit!Prices are reasonable, it's clean & tidy and there are on site food places, that are pretty good!We stayed at a hotel that was within walking distance, and I think this is the best way to do it.Make sure you visit this when you're in the area.

Dan — Google review

Wear your walking shoes, this place is huge. Plan on being there for about six hours. With over 250,000 pieces, be ready for an emotional andeducational day.The movie is an hour long, in case you want to buy a two-day pass.I love that they have sensory Saturday at the end of the month!

J L — Google review

Fantastic museum. Very interesting and interactive exhibits. We spent 5 hours there, and didn't get through half of it. If you are really interested in WWII, you may want to consider a two day ticket. Be prepared to do a lot of walking. Don't miss the 4D movie experience Beyond All Boundaries.

David B — Google review

A truly moving museum with great artifacts and exhibits that tells the story well, both the Pacific and European theatre. The intertwined story of politics and war with compelling personal stories is well-done.It’s also a prescient reminder how fascism begins and is cultivated by strong-man leaders.

Jaiden S — Google review

This museum had really great, detailed and visually interesting exhibits - a great way to learn more about WW2. There are some really moving (and heavy) videos and interviews, bought myself and my mum to tears. Worth a visit. If you want to see everything, you’ll need at least 4+ hours.

Jaimie N — Google review

The 18 best rooftops in New Orleans (2024)
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